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1 Hochtontreiber 80 W 16 Ohm BMS 4550 H: Features:Unique patented Design 113 dB sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 800 Hz Crossover Extended high frequency response up to 20 kHz Small Size and low Weight 44.4 mm sandwich in- and outside VCBMS 4550 is a powerful 1 professional compression driver that delivers outstanding sonic quality in a small package. It has an exceptional dynamic range and produces even the most complex music signals with depth and definition. The BMS exclusive voice coil technology employs a light weight Copper Clad Aluminium wire wound inside and outside of the Kapton™ former to improve the heat dissipation, dramatically increasing the acoustic output and reliability of the driver while minimises the power compression. The BMS 4550 - 1 compression driver is designed for a wide variety of applications in high quality, high power professional reinforcement systems and stage monitors where low crossover frequency is needed. PA-Equipment > Lautsprecher > Ersatzteile Lautsprecher

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BMS 4550 H

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1 " Hochtontreiber 80 W 16 Ohm BMS 4550 H

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